Userscripts.org myaccount improvements user script

After writing a post on userscripts.org improvement suggestions, I decided that I would write a userscripts.org myaccount improvements user script for Greasemonkey to improve some things on the myaccount page:

  • Scripts are sorted alphabetically
  • Rating and number views are displayed
  • Last comment is displayed

Screendump userscripts.org myaccount improvements


Johan Sundström said...

Really nice script! With a bit of luck I'll end up on the other side of the userscripts.org server before soon, to do some development of features I have been missing, mostly aggregated comments-for-all-owned-scripts feeds. Don't be surprised if something like this ends up happening server side some time in the future.

Jasper de Vries said...

That would be nice. Feeds on userscripts.org would be a great improvement.

LouCypher said...

It's a great script, but it takes too long to load if you have many scripts in your account (currently I have 44 scripts).

Anonymous said...

Google has changed his site and your script don`t work anymore. Do you plan to update it?