Blogger Markdown support user script

When you prefer to write your posts in HTML, you might be pleased to hear that I've created a Blogger Markdown support user script for Greasemonkey. It is based on js-markdown and it enables you to convert Markdown formatted text to HTML in one single click.


  • Preview now shows Markdown converted to HTML.
  • Added a link to the Markdown syntax page (open's in a new tab).


Initial version


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the script. It's awesome!

One feature request: It would be pretty cool to have the option of removing line breaks after the Markdown-to-HTML conversion. Right now I am doing this manually.

I have a bunch of existing posts and comments that were written with Blogger's "convert line breaks" on. Turning that off changes ALL posts, not just future ones, which means that the formatting of my old posts breaks too. :-( So I'm pretty much stuck with either (a) leaving it on, or (b) hand-editing every single old post to fix the formatting problems. The better option was just to leave Blogger's conversion on... which means that newlines must be removed when I make an HTML post, or else Blogger inserts extraneous BR's. Sigh.

hlb said...

Thanks for your nice script :-)

I use your script with John Fraser's Showdown, it works pretty well.