JSP Tag Library for Web Services: where to find

What really amazed me this week is that there I couldn't find a JSP Tag Library for Web Services. I did find a specification request for JSP Tag Library for Web Services, but I couldn't find anybody who was working on it. If somebody knows of an existing JSP tag library, please let me know.


Google open all 0.6.1

The Google open all user script (original post) for Greasemonkey was updated to support the new HTML structure Google uses.


RTL gemist direct video link

This one is for the Dutch readers... again:

Het Programma gemist directe video link (voorheen “Omroep.nl video's direct linken”) user script (oorspronkelijke post) voor Greasemonkey ondersteunt nu ook RTL Gemist (RTL4, RTL5 en RTL7).


Uitzendinggemist.nl direct ASF link and 'this week' filter

This one is for the Dutch readers... again:

Het Omroep.nl video's direct linken user script (oorspronkelijke post) voor Greasemonkey is op twee punten verbeterd.

  • Bij een Window Media Player video krijg je geen wit scherm meer, maar blijf je op de huidige pagina.
  • In overzichten is een checkbox toegevoegd waarmee je de lijst tot de afgelopen week kunt beperken.

    Checkbox beperking afgelopen week


Firefox extension tip: RefreshBlocker

I'm a frequent visitor of uitzendinggemist.nl. It has an annoying meta refresh on most pages. You, unfortunately, can't remove these refreshes using Greasemonkey. When you remove the meta tag from the DOM tree, the refresh has already been set.

There is an extension for Firefox called RefreshBlocker which blocks those meta refreshes. You can create a white- or blacklist of sites using regular expressions.