Select element filter user script: no longer experimental

Finally, the Filter large form selects user script for Greasemonkey is no longer experimental. I decided to fix the two biggest problems of this script: poor positioning and poor usability.

Screenshot of the select element filter user script

Here's a detailed improvements list:

  • Improved, I think even perfect, positioning.
  • The select element is no longer sized, moved or modified. An separate select element is inserted to display the filter results and the magnifier is positions absolutely.
  • It no longer breaks selects with optgroups because of the separate results select.
  • Esc key now closes the filter.
  • You can select a result using the mouse now.
  • You no longer need to tab twice to focus the next form field.
  • The select's onchange function will be executed when the select was changed by the filter (this was broken since Greasemonkey 0.6.4).

1 comment:

Johan Sundström said...

Excellently executed. Perfect!