Userscripts.org improvement suggestions

Userscript.org is a great initiative, it really is. Jesse and Britt are doing a great job responding to feedback e-mails, adding feature and even helping me out by resetting my password in the days you were unable to do it your self. However, there are a few things that I would like to see improved or added.

  • Most important, in my opinion, is an option to be able to receive an e-mail when someone adds a comment to a script you have written. I visit userscript.org every now and then having to go by all my script to find out if there are new comments.
  • When I did a comment check run tonight I found out that my Blogger tag adder script had gotten a negative rating. It would be nice if you could (be forced to) leave a motivation with the rating. My scripts may not be perfect, or you might not like them, but I would like to know why. Also the number of raters would be interesting.
  • I would be nice to have a (filtered) RSS feed on new user scripts.
  • A search box every page would be handy. This can be Greasemonkeyed - in fact, it has been done.

I hope these ideas will be implemented in the coming version of userscripts.org.

Update 2006-01-07: How could I forget this one:

  • Users scripts on your accounts page should be sorted alphabetically.

Update 2006-01-08: I wrote a user script to improve some things on the myaccount page.

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Arvid Jakobsson said...

About motivations for ratings: I think you should be able to rate low without leaving a motivation, and you're able leave a motivation with a comment, so I don't think this feature is necessary. The other suggestions are nice though, especially the one about email notification about comments. But writing a script that reorders the script in the "my scripts"-area would be pretty easy to write.