Show links to embedded media user script 0.4

I've updated the Embedded media linker (original post) user script for Greasemonkey.

  • Improved positioning using the positioning method I used in my select element filter user script.
  • embed tags nested in an object tag now overwrite the object tag.
  • You can now exclude embedded media by mime type. This method is more reliable than excluding extensions.
  • The link is now inserted above the embedded media. When the embedded media was placed in a popup window the link sometimes wasn't visible.


No more custom comments form for me

Since I was unable to get the spam protection working in all browsers I had the normal custom comments form on my blog. The last few weeks I've been getting more and more spam posts. So I've decided to remove the custom comments form and to replace it with the Blogger popup version.

An other down side to the custom form was that you wouldn't get feedback when you used HTML tags that aren't allowed by Blogger. So no hard feelings. It's a change for the better from a usability point of view as well.