Blogger tag adder user script

Yes, another tag adder for Blogger. So, no credit for the idea. In my opinion there were small things missing in existing scripts. That's why I created my own script. Editing and styling tags where the most important to me.

Features of my Blogger tag adder (0.3.1) user script for Greasemonkey:

  • Tags can easily be modified on existing or draft posts as they are read back into the tag input field!
  • Tags are placed in a unordered list, which make them easy to style!
  • You can easily add sites to tag.
  • Separate tags using a comma.

Example of the generated HTML (in case of Technorati tags):

<div class="tags">
<li><a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/Greasemonkey" rel="tag">Greasemonkey</a>
<li><a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/Security" rel="tag">Security</a>

Example of CSS to use to get the tags next to each other:

.tags * {
  display: inline;
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;


Update it to work on the restyled BlogThis!.


You can use this on BlogThis! as well now.


Added support for compose mode editing.


Fixed it to work with Greasemonkey 0.6.4.


Updated to work with my form data rescue script.


Fixed it to work with Greasemonkey 0.5.1. The fix in version 0.2.1 was no good.


Added tabindex.


Initial version.


Ben said...

well,I have the tags thing when i post but the tags don't show on my blog.what am i doing wrong????
am i stupid or is it my templates or am i missing something or are you missing something?

Jasper said...

Since it's a Greasemonkey script (Javascript running client side) it can't have anything to do with your template.
Did you enter one or more tags?

Oskar Austegard said...

Any plans to make the script support http://www.blogger.com/blog-this.g as well?

Jasper said...

I will have a look at it. Doesn't seem too hard.

Ayub said...

Since blogger doesn't provide a script for categories (tags) we have to depend on other sites to get it.
Is ther any script that not only categorise (add tags) blogger posts but also stays on blogger instead of other sites. (That shouldn't take us from the blogger page). Because once the viewer leaves the page its really hard to take him back to the same page. My categories simply takes you away from blogger to del.icio.us and once a reader go to that page one can't be twice as lucky. Any answer?

Ayub said...

... continue!
Many people are working together to put internal categories (tags). PAPPMASKIN and FreshBlog to name some. And are yet to come up with complete solution. If you look at pappmaskin blog you will find he has finally made it. He almost has what we always wanted to have. But the code still is unfinished. Please check pappmaskin's this post and after making changes please let us know in your next post. We are waiting for your next post.
Thanks in advance

Jasper said...

I've looked in to it and I don't know what you mean with the code that is still unfinished.
If you want to keep visitors on your site you could use Blog Search; for example all the CSS related posts on my Blog.

Johan Sundström said...

Isn't there always some small things missing in existing scripts? *smiles* I picked up the ball where you left it and pushed it a bit further into the Del.icio.us camp, integrating it further still -- into adding links that also make it dead easy to store the tags on the remote "tag" server. It was a bit of a challenge collecting all the needed data, especially since the permalinks are not available in the Blogger editor page itself, but eventually I got it all right. Seems my link already found its way into your back links pane, too.

jeff said...


Morten said...

Hi, saw a link to my blog on this page in my statistics, and just wanted to tell you that I have a working solution categories running on my blogspot blog. I-ve also made my own version of the delicioustagblogthis bookmarklet so that it points to my own category listing on each tag, but it still is indexed by technorati. Only thing missing now would be autopublishing a post to del.icio.us, to tighten it all up, but so far I get really good results just useing the blogger search.

You can see the category stuff by adding ?tag=flash for instance to a certain blogpost, like so:


The documentation isn't that good, but it's til pretty easy to set up.

Tarun said...

While searching on how to add categories I stumbled upon Roberts blog page.You just might want to have a look.His link goes like this. http://robertdecormier.blogspot.com.Anyways you keep up the good work.

Oskar Austegard said...

Still no http://www.blogger.com/blog-this.g love?

Tom said...

This script doesn't seem to do anything. I'm on OS X FF1.5 and GM0.6.4. Are there any known incompatibilities?

Avik said...

How can I use del.icio tags for the posts ?

Jasper said...

Avik, you might want to check out Johan's publish helper which offers easy Del.icio.us linking of your posts.

embajador said...

Great script, thanks a lot. Everything working fine except for the fact that the tags appear in vertical order instead of horizontally. Any ideas on how to solve this?. Thanks again.

Jasper said...

See the CSS example on this page.

embajador said...

Thanks. I should have read the thing more carefully.

Avik said...


jiaminn212 said...

I saw the css but how and what do I modify to get the tags lineup?
Thanks for your help.

jiaminn212 said...

Thanks for the nice work. I got it to work.
It's cool.

Manuel Robles said...

I'm not a programmer, and I don't get how (Dreamweaver I guess) or where (some place within the script code) to insert the CSS code to get the tags side by side.

Can anyone help me?

Jasper, you got a great blog. I'm already using some of your scripts and they work just fine. Thanks a lot.

Jasper said...

Hi Manuel. Just edit your blog template and paste the CSS code between the <style type="text/css"> and </style> tags.