Technorati language filter

The same day I complained about Technorati's lack of language recognition it launched it's language filter. It currently is in beta (it only works on searches, not on tags and it supports the top 10 languages used in the ‘blogosphere’). At first I thought they might have an accessibility problem using Javascript to change the language, but it works fine when Javascript is turned off.

The interface might be accessible but it needs to be improvement. You can't select multiple languages. I would like to have results in English, Dutch and German.

Update 23:06: I've gotten a reply from Technorati on some feature requests.

Hi Jasper,
Thank you for your feedback. We currently envision giving our users the ability to store their language preferences along with their account data. We hope to expand the spectrum of international tools available to you while searching the blogosphere.

Technorati is currently re-architecting its authority measurements. We will have some new and improved ways for you to sort your search results on things like number of inbound links.

Thank you for contacting Technorati.

Niall Kennedy
Community Manager

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