Things Technorati should do better

I like the idea behind Technorati, but I've noticed that I don't really use it because of some weak points.

  • It doesn't recognize languages 2. I only want to search for content in specific languages, or I want good translations of content in languages I don't speak.
  • Low performance from time to time. I don't like waiting for more than one or two seconds.
  • Not 100% reliable 1. Yesterday I've posted something that still isn't indexed at this moment.
  • No ‘quality’ filter. Sites with more links are likely to have better content. I would like to be able filter on that. Then some tag RSS feeds are interesting to me.

I hope Technorati is able to improve on those points.

1 Update 2005-07-28: The post I mentioned was indexed 7 hours ago. So Technorati might be reliable but indexing takes way too long.

2 Update 2005-07-28: How about that: Technorati added language support yesterday!

I also have gotten a reply from Technorati on some feature requests.


pogenwurst said...

I agree totally. Technorati needs a lot of work, especially on the slowness of its servers. Even on DSL, Technorati is excruciatingly slow compared to most other sites.

Jasper said...

This post also isn't indexed (four hours after it has been published). Way to go!

Zataod said...

I have one site that gets indexed in minutes. The other site never gets indexed by Technorati. I have no idea why, and the do not respond to any of the questions that I've e-mailed them.