Form data rescue user script

I wrote my own Form data rescue user script after some problems loosing data.

This week I was internet banking. After I had all the transaction information (including a 16 digit number) the internet banking site came up with a lame error. I've had this error before and knew that you'd just have to try it again. Too bad all the form data was gone.

Last week I had the same problem when I was writing a post to my personal blog: Blogger came up with an error and all the data was gone. Recover post also didn't work.

After the internet banking incident I knew I needed a Greasemonkey user script. On Userscripts.org I found the Auto save forms user script. This script has two down sides:

  • The data is cleared when the form is submitted.
  • The data is stored in a cookie, which are limited in number and per cookie data.

So I wrote my own Form data rescue user script. Features:

  • Data is (permanently) stored using GM_setValue.
  • Data will not be cleared when the form is submitted.
  • The rescue function is placed in the User Script Commands menu (under Tools).


This script has a down side as well. I have chosen not to include all sites for this script since all the data will remain stored. If you would like data storage for a limited time, please check the Auto save forms user script.


Jon Thompson said...

I tried your script, but it doesn't seem to work for me. Perhaps I am misunderstanding how to use it. I goto blogger and add a blog entry. I type some stuff. Close the window. Reopen a new post, and hit rescue form data, but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

Jasper said...

It might have been a Greasemonkey hick up. Sometimes it doesn't load or execute scripts.
Just tested it over here (Greasemonkey 0.5.3) and it worked fine.

Johan Sundström said...

It's unfortunate that this won't protect against the event of a browser crash, which is what I typically lose form content from. At least I assume it would not; the Greasemonkey config.xml is only committed to disk at successful closedown of the browser, IIRC.

Anonymous said...

How about this, which I've done a few times:
1) Type a bunch of stuff in a form box.
2) Hit TAB to indent something -- but it instead tabs to the next link on the page.
3) Hit backspace. It now goes "back" to previous page and loses all the stuff I've typed.

It's very sad to lose a few paragraphs of text that I've laboured over in this way!