Blogger keep current time on post user script

We all know Greasemonkey is cool. I've created a Blogger user script (0.3.1) which keeps the date and time of your post to the current date and time. Useful when you take some time to write a post or post a draft.



Keeps post and comment options visible all the time. These options disappeared when you previewed your post or switched from "Compose" to "Edit HTML". I hate the toggle option Blogger added some time ago, I want to see what I'm doing.


The checkbox will not be automatically checked when you edit a comment. Thanks to Improbulus for pointing out the post editing trap.


The checkbox will now be automatically checked for new and for draft posts.

Note: I've renamed the script. You'll have to uninstall the script called "Blogger enhancements" if you have the old version of the script installed.


Initial version.


Improbulus said...

Hi, this is a great script (your scripts and Blogger hacks are all generally very useful), but my problem is that I keep forgetting to tick the checkbox before I hit Publish!

Is it possible to have a version please that has the checkbox ticked by default?

Ta (and thanks very much for the link to my blog).


Jasper said...

I've got the same problem. I'm planning to change this script. The checkbox will be checked when you create a post or edit a draft and it will be unchecked when you edit a post.

John said...

Great work!! Thanks for the script!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! This used to work for the old Blogger, but with the new Beta, this is broken.

Could you fix it? I've already altered the function, which runs independently. But in the script, it doesn't. Here's the altered function, and thanks for your time!

function keepCurrentTime() {
var now = new Date();
var select = document.getElementById('date-input');
select.value = now.getMonth()+'/';
select.value += now.getDate()+'/';
select.value += now.getFullYear();

var time = document.getElementById('time-input');
var hr = now.getHours();
var phase;
if(hr>12) phase = 'PM';
else phase = 'AM';
if(hr>12) time.value = hr-12; else time.value = hr;
time.value += ':'+now.getMinutes();
time.value += ' '+phase;

keepCurrentTO = setTimeout(keepCurrentTime, 100);

Improbulus said...

Hi Jasper, if I may also add my request for a Beta-compatible version? Only as & when you have the time and feel like it, of course - you've already done more than enough. Your scripts have been invaluable for Blogger users, thank you very much for everything!

And I hope you have a great Xmas and New Year.

sexyhood said...

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