Single left click tab opener user script

I browse a lot on my laptop. Since my laptop has a touchpad without a middle mouse button I need to right click links and then select "Open link in new tab". Not a big deal really, but I would like to be able to open new tabs easier. I thought up two ways to do this using a Greasemonkey user script:

  1. When you have your pointer on a link create a new link near the pointer which opens the link in a new tab.
  2. Open a new tab when you keep the left mouse button down for a while.

I choose the second option. The single left click tab opener user script was born.

Update 2006-02-21: I know that you could use Ctrl + Left click in Firefox to open links in a new tab. Since I can't use my left arm fully the Ctrl key isn't really an option for me.


Sayan Sircar said...

Hey great script...had the same problem...thanks a lot

J+C said...

Hi, I would like to try your scripts, but they are all empty (<.html><.body><.h1>Application error (Rails)<./h1><./body><./html>) do I anything wrong with it? Its the first time I use the Greasemonkey...

anniebluesky said...

This script really comes in handy. I found myself not wanting to leave my mouse so I could middle click and open a new tab. Now I can go wireless again and open new tabs easily! Thanks.


Shadowbq said...

Use the superdragandgo user extension
Its much better.

Down Load Superdragandgo from mozdev

Drag a link down, open in tab
drag a link up, open in tab (hidden)
drag a picure, save image
darg a higlighted text, search in favorite engine (google etc..) in new tab

:: Suzanne :: said...

Thank you. I was a'wishing for one of these.



Piyush said...

Why make things complicated ?
Better use target="daughter" !!

Anonymous said...

Just click with the middle mouse buttons :)

Anonymous said...

My HP 6710b laptop solves this problem for me. If I click both of the buttons at the same time it is equivalent to a middle mouse button click.

Jasper said...

I now have a Dell laptop where I can also click both buttons for a new tab (middle click).

Tom said...

A little bit late...
I just found your script, it' s
awesome! Thank you for that.