Experimental select element filter user script

I got the idea for this Greasemonkey user script at work. We use a financial system with a HTML interface. The hour registration page has a fairly large project list. The items in the list are formatted this way: “Project code, client name abbreviation, project name”. I thought it would be a big help if I could select a project just by typing a part of the project name.

The select element filter user script was born. As the title of this post states, it is still experimental. It only converts select elements with more than 20 options, you're free to change that number if you like.

Try this script if you think it is useful to. I suggest not to use it on every page for now. There is still a small usability issue that needs to be addressed, but it works fine on select list of which you know the content. If you have any suggestions, questions or remarks, just let me know. I'll post an improved version later this week.

Update 2005-10-04: improved version is available.

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